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BISP Update of Second & Third Installments Released 9000

Some persons who were not receiving any assistant from the Benazir income support program,or those people who were getting Benazir income support program money earlier and those people were eligible,then suddenly they stopped getting money.Then they did the dynamic survey again and now they are waiting for the assistant to be provided by Benazir kafalat program.

Eligibility Verification

In this regard,you will be given all the updates as well as the update of children stipend.Now the biggest problem facing some people is that they have not received the 9000 rupees, not have they received it before not are they receiving the assistant of 9000 rupees this time.Individuals who are facing all these difficulties should first confirm whether they are currently part of Benazir kafalat program or not.

BISP Update 9000

To check whether you are a part of the Benazir kafalat program or not,you can through the 8171 web portal.you can get your account checked from your nearest Benazir income support program office.if you are eligible for Benazir kafalat program then you need not worry because sometimes one or two payments are stopped then both payments are released at the same time.

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In face, these problems are caused by Technical glitches. Now you should be informed that the payment will be issued in the month of December 2023 along with the payments of all these people.

Second & Third Installments BISP Disbursement

It is never the cause that those who qualified for Benazir kafalat program have three payment stops at once,Maximum two payments can be stopped while the next one is released with the third payments.New for those people who did their dynamic survey in January 2023 now their payment has started.

Benazir Taleemi Wazaif Inclusions

Now let us tell you about the education scholarship for children of course,this time you people are facing difficulties that earlier you people used to get a payment of 15000 rupees instead of 9000.Because it used to include children education scholarship, but even this time that payment has stopped.Now you will be Paid the children education scholarship in January 2024.


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