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Rashan Program Registration | Rashan Riayat program

We welcome you to our website.It has been announced that the caretaker government will give Rashan to the people.How you can apply for this,the details of which you will get on the same page.Those who want to apply in the ehsaas Rashan program must have both husband and wife I.D Card.If you have children,they have to be taken from Nadra by B-farm.Gas and electric bill must be carried by you and you must have 2 mobile SIM registered on you ID Card.

Rashan Program Registration 2024

You have to take all these things and register yourself in the Benazir income support program at any nearby office.If your score is less than 40,this program is for people who have scored up to 40.If you are eligible for government Rashan,You will join the program through which you will be able to receive government Rashan.This program is not for everyone but only for those who have score up to 40.

Rashan Riayat Program

If you want to check whether my score is 40 or not i am eligible for this program.You will get the compltte details of which utiltiy store you will get the Rashan from on the same page.Ehsaas Rashan program has officially started from August 11 at Utility stores in Pakistan.This Relief has been given to the people on the occasion of the 76th independance Day of the prime minister of Pakistan,Mian Muhammad Shahbaz sharif.Now the term of government is over but the caretaker government has announced to continue this ehsaas Rashan Program.If you are eligible under the ehsaas Rashan Program,you will get a 10 kg bag of flour at Rs 648,ghee at Rs 353,Sugar at Rs 100 per kg, pulses Rs 25 per kg and Rice at RS 25 per kg.

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